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APPREZIA Mejores Prácticas, S.L. is a Spanish SME located in Paterna, Valencia, with headquarters in Granada, Alicante and Castellón, and the objective of delivering expert services in the areas of Sustainable Development, Prevention, Management Systems, R&D and Innovation. A strategic selection of key specialists with more than 10 years of experience in different fields, shapes its multidisciplinary team. Its mission is to provide specialized services to different type of entities and organizations, such as project management, consulting, technical & quality assistance, auditing and professional training. The Sustainable Development department tackles the global challenges of energy and sustainability and circularity, which include activities like energy efficiency assessment and solutions; providing innovative technological solutions; sustainability and environmental plans; circular economy analysis, or carbon footprint evaluation. This area is also aimed to support entities in their economic, social and environmental responsibility strategy.

EGE University, Türkiye
Ege University, which was founded in 1955, is a state university that acts as a focal point for education, research, and cultural and social activities in the city of Izmir and the Aegean region. Being a university with an international perspective, the educational system of Ege University is based on the principle of creative teaching and participatory learning. Ege University is a research-based, teaching-oriented institution, training students up to the Doctorate level. In total, 70,000 students are enrolled at Ege University and the number of the academic staff is approximately 3,500.

EOLAS S.L. offers services and support to enterprises, organisations and entities in main areas, for a wide range of demands and needs related, (i) Support for projects, (ii) business development and consulting (iii) innovation for business, education and civil society. Innovative approaches such as co-creation, creativity techniques, narrative techniques, storytelling and knowledge generation and management are only a few of the methods we to make an innovative and reach a higher and more long-lasting impact.

Slovak Business Agency (till 28/2/2014 the National Agency for Development of SMEs) is crucial, and is the oldest specialized non-profit organization for the support of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Slovak Business Agency was founded in 1993 by a common initiative of the EU and the Government of the Slovak Republic. It is the unique platform of public and private sectors.

The founding members include:

  • Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic,
  • Entrepreneurs Association of Slovakia,
  • Slovak Association of Crafts.

Business Development Friesland (BDF) has extensive experience with practical learning assignments for students who want to work and learn. Next tot that, BDF has contributed to several VET schools and Universities to provide students a program so that they finalise their studies during the start-up of their own company.